"Seafoxes play a special brand of folk-inflected, intimate dream-pop, evoking the lush, soft sound of Espers with a fierce individuality and genuineness." Jamboree, July 2016


"Psychedelic-tinged folk-pop with wonderful vocal harmonies and strings." Fred Perry Subculture, Jan 2017

After a short-hiatus that went viral, Seafoxes are back and ready to terrorise any remaining London venues with their 3 superfans. Current song-writing interests include space, species conservation and the end of the world. If you like your misery served up in harmony and doused in reverb pedals, we’ve got you covered! At least until all the tiny venues have closed down.​

Their debut 6-track mini-album ‘It’s probably nothing, but…’ was released in July 2016. The songs on the EP were influenced by contemporary social issues, such as mental health issues, government surveillance and our culture of excessive consumption.