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"Seafoxes play a special brand of folk-inflected, intimate dream-pop, evoking the lush, soft sound of Espers with a fierce individuality and genuineness." Jamboree, July 2016


"Psychedelic-tinged folk-pop with wonderful vocal harmonies and strings." Fred Perry Subculture, Jan 2017

Seafoxes is an alternative dream folk band based in South East London. They create atmospheric music filled with beautiful melodies and delicate vocal harmonies. They began their musical journey by establishing themselves on the London music scene as a folk band. As their sound developed, their unique musical style emerged through weaving new electronic sounds with traditional myths and storytelling sometimes set in an urban environment.


Seafoxes are set to release new music in 2024—a captivating exploration of a world beyond our own, inspired by the imagery of the stars and the enigmatic sounds of the universe.

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